Transformation of low-rise residential development 


A round table, "The transformation of low-rise residential development in the 19th century", took place on November 30th, organized by the Sub-Project Spatial Transformations by moderation Dr. Anastasia Malko. The discussion focused on the changes that occurred to the areas of low-rise buildings of the 19th century in the cities of Irkutsk and Tula over the past 5 years. Participants of the round table were experts from the city of Irkutsk: Sergey Mayarenkov, entrepreneur, coordinator of urban projects and partner at the "Siberian Laboratory of Urbanism", Ruslan Khotulev, architect and urban planner and Ekaterina Matel, architect-restaurateur, deputy chairman of the IRO VOOPIK and experts from the city of Tula: Ksenia Chizhova and Maria Pavlova, architect-restaurateurs and coordinators of urban projects, and local historian Sergey Uruev. Both cities accumulate large areas of historical low-rise housing undergoing urban regeneration and transformation. During the discussion experts highlighted different problems concerning preservation and further development of such areas. In most cases, a displacement of residential function has occurred through private investment and the commercialization of space. On the other hand, the experts question the preservation of the residential function in the historical areas since the growing commercial tends to convert the space "into the exhibition".

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