New Approaches to Heritage Development in Eastern Europe
Aachen, 21-22 March, 2024


Bringing together over 80 participants including established researchers, practitioners, as well as master and doctoral students from various universities across Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czechia, and beyond, the event transcended a mere presentation of project outcomes. Accompanied by an exhibition displayed in the Foyer of the Reiff Museum, the conference embraced interactive formats, opening a space for discussion and debate.
A notable highlight was a roundtable chaired by Prof. Florian Urban from the Glasgow School of Art, where participants, both researchers and practitioners, discussed the challenging future of large housing estates. Furthermore, a marketplace-style arrangement facilitated engaging discussions on an array of topics, ranging from methodologies in studying residential heritage to exploring the limits of heritage concepts and practices, to practical considerations regarding the renovation of such heritage. Keynote addresses were delivered by Prof. Dr. Philipp Meuser from DOM publishers, and Dr. Semen Shyrochyn from Ukraine. Overall, the conference provided new insights and perspectives on the topic of residential heritage, while connecting research from Eastern Europe to broader international agendas.
Photos: © Lehrstuhl für Städtebau, Liliana Iuga & Ben Pleininger