Large Housing Estates in Germany: Recent Challenges and future Perspectives

Large housing estates are an integral part of many German cities – built during the post-war period, they were intended to provide the highest possible quality of housing for broad social strata. Today, many people perceive them as stigmatised “problem areas”, and in many cases there is a need for action. At the same time, special qualities are regularly mentioned in surveys with residents. Large housing companies have a special social responsibility with regard to the maintenance and development of their stock. They can influence the social impact of neighbourhoods and thus the quality of life of their residents.


Together with the German Aerospace Centre, the SLU expert office, RWTH Aachen University and REICHER HAASE ASSOZIIERTE we investigated which factors contribute to residential satisfaction and neighbourhood image of large housing estates. We analysed how the neighbourhoods can be further developed and transformed against the backdrop of current urban development challenges. Based on this, we have formulated recommendations for action for the client Vonovia and other housing companies.


Vanessa Ziegler is a spatial planner from Germany and has been working in the office for urban planning and architecture REICHER HAASE ASSOZIIERTE. The focus of her work is on urban development as well as architectural heritage.