Our team of researchers has reunited during a two-day in-person meeting hosted by KIT Karlsruhe between 9-10 February, 2023. The meeting was intended as an opportunity to present updates on the state of research, but also to discuss some theoretically-based topics, such as the specificity of our approach to heritage, and the challenges of studying housing/residential architecture as heritage. We discussed the heritage concepts used by each subproject, while also looking at intersections, linkages, interrelations, and comparisons. The dominant perspective was that of the authorized heritage discourse, with a particular interest towards typologies of values. Who, when and from which position is defining heritage values? What is the importance of the past and of moments of rupture in this process?



The meeting was concluded with an interactive activity, which implied putting together a “timeline of built heritage”, consisting of the case studies approached by the different subprojects. While the basic perspective is historical (taking into consideration the construction years), we also integrated some other categories of analysis e.g., spatial features, and functional use. 


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