The past, present, and future of Socialist urban heritage in Russia 
Learning from the practitioners’ point of view. 


Join the first public event of CITIES BUILDING CULTURE

CBC Talk 1: Identity in Typical

Case Study on Restoring Houses of Culture in Russia 

Russian-Dutch team of architects ‘Identity in typical’ is working with one of the most significant types of architectural legacies of Socialism – Houses of Culture (doma kultury in Russian), multifunctional buildings constructed for the leisure and entertainment of the residents of mikrorayony in Soviet cities. Despite its prevalence (there are more than 40,000 such buildings in Russia alone), there is no comprehensive policy regarding their preservation and usage, resulting in buildings being destroyed and their potential not being realized. The talk will document the results of the architects‘ project, focusing not only on the practical ‚architectural‘ side of the development but also sharing their experience of working with local authorities and local communities. 


Date: February 11 at 17:30 (CET)

Meeting-ID: 964 0775 4630 | Code: CBCTLK

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