Date: Monday, 26 June at 17:00
Venue: Conference Room, 4th floor of the GWZO (Reichstr. 4-6, Leipzig)
What does "post-soviet" mean in urban studies? Russia‘s ongoing war against Ukraine has reinforced the already existing dissatisfaction with this notion, which has been criticized for linking today’s independent countries to a framework of Russian domination. Instead, recent debates sought to bring more into the focus the views from the alleged periphery, i.e., the former Soviet republics in Central Asia and the Caucasus, and it has prompted researchers to revert to Euro-centric perspectives. The aim of this podium discussion is to critically examine the notion of ‚post-Soviet‘ in urban research, with a specific focus on built heritage, thus providing the space for an open discussion regarding its past uses, present criticism, and future alternatives.
Invited speakers are the experts in urban, architectural, and historical studies who specialise in the region. Our guests are Professor Mariusz Czepczyński from the University of Gdańsk, Dr Daria Bocharnikova from the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels and Professor Tauri Tuvikene from University of Tallinn. (another guest to be confirmed)

We look forward to welcome invited parties in Leipzig! 





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