The first PhD School organized as part of the CBC project, titled “Heritage at Home. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Heritage of Residential Districts in the Post-Socialist/Soviet Cities” took place in an online format between 26-30 September, 2022 and reunited 21 participants from 7 countries: Germany, Russia, Italy, Serbia, France, Georgia, and Armenia. The specific geographical and interdisciplinary focus benefitted from the input of doctoral students coming from variety of fields, such as architecture, urban planning, cultural studies, anthropology, sociology, geography, and memory studies.

The program included a variety of formats, such as lectures by three of our honorary board members (Natalia Dushkina, John Pendlebury, Uwe Altrock), presentations by the doctoral students with feedback provided by the CBC researchers, two interactive workshops (architectural ethnography and digital urban research), a methodological workshop on interviews (with Alexandra Oancă, KU Leuven), as well as an academic writing workshop with Carole Veldman-Genz. Discussions remained open around questions such as the limits of transferability (in terms of concepts and practice), or which methods could better challenge social-spatial divisions and contribute to interdisciplinary theory building. 

 Future of Nostalgia PolinaGundarina Albina Davletshina SaraNikolic bild

CBC-workshop outcome: "Future of Nostalgia" by Albina Davletshina, Polina Gundarina and Sara Nikolic

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