In July 2022, Albina Davletshina presented a paper, "Regulating residential heritage: from national institutional settings to regional regulation. A comparison of two Russian regions" At the AESOP 2022 Congress "Space for Species: Redefining Spatial Justice" in Tartu, Estonia. 


Our paper explored how the national legislation is adopted and applied in two Russian regions: the Rostovskaya oblast in southern Russia and the Sverdlovskaya oblast in the Ural geographic area. The paper focused on the legislation in areas relevant to the residential heritage, such as urban planning, housing, and monuments protection. The research findings demonstrated that despite the different applications of the national regulations regionally, the regions cannot overcome the existing gaps and contradictions that cause complicated residential heritage use and preservation issues. The paper contributes to further research on institutional practices with a specific focus on housing stock as a legacy of the past and broadening the scope of research on the role of central-regional government relations in spatial transformation.


Authors: Elena Batunova, Albina Davletshina &Carola Neugebauer 


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